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Schedule of Fees


Session Fees 

Sessions will be charged at $193/hr. All sessions are scheduled for 1 hour unless otherwise discussed, and the full planned duration of the session will be charged if the parents request that a session ends early. 



Travel to each session will be charged at the hourly rate of the session, up to a maximum of 30 minutes ($ 96.50).


Non-contact time 

Usual administration work related to the session (e.g., routine session planning, progress notes) are included in the cost of the session. Any non-contact work additional to these standard tasks will be charged at the usual hourly rate (i.e., $193/hr). Non-contact work includes but is not limited to making visual resources, writing reports, and extended discussion with other members of your child’s team via phone or email.



If sessions are cancelled within two business days of the scheduled time and your appointment can not be filled, you will be invoiced for 90% of the total session fee. Where possible, rather than cancelling a session, I will endeavour to use the scheduled session time for relevant non-contact work for your family (e.g., making resources, writing reports) and charge accordingly.


Payment method will be arranged when the first appointment is scheduled, and will depend on the Funding used. 

For more information, please see my Information for New Clients or email me at